Seven Proven Methods To Be An effective Soul Winner

Seven Proven Methods To Be An effective Soul Winner

Exo 14:14; 15:3

Jesus told his disciples, ” Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men ” (Matt 4:19). The implication is that if we are really following, we’ll be fishing soul winning. Jesus last words were, ” Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt28:19). The Christians in the New Testament went everywhere, preaching the word (Acts 8:4).

How, then can you and I be effectieve witnesses for Him..?

1 Ask God to give you an evangelistic burden for others.

Ask him to help you see the world as he sees it, and to lay upon your heart a handle of people for whom you can earnestly pray. Then pray over those names every day. Keep a little prayer list and pray for an opportunity of reaching these souls for christ. An old song says, ” Lord, lay some soul upon my heart and love that soul through me; and may I humbly do my part to win that soul to Thee”

2 Live a consistent Christian life before these people. Jesus said,

” You are the light of the world… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven ” (Matt 5:14-16). We must live obedient lives of integrity and authentic faith. We must love when others hate, and forgive when others harbor grudges. We must remain trusting when others panic, and be honest when all around us are cooking the books. Not that we’re going to be perfect only Christ was sinless. But we must have a growing, maturing christian life that others recognize and respect.

3 Bild bridges to others.

When the Lord shows you those needing Christ, seek to build a relationship with them. Remember how Jesus went to the home of Zacchareus where many sinners had gathered..? While we must be careful not to place ourselves in an environment where we’ll be pulled down, we must be equally careful to cultivate friendships with those needing Christ. Perhaps Christ has placed you in your particular school or workplace just to reach those whom no one else can reach.

4 Learn the Gospel.

Memorize the following verses and practice saying them in a mirror or to another Christian until you’re comfortable sharing them with someone needing Christ… Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9; 10,13; 1 John 5:1, 13.

5 Watch for openings to share a word for Christ.

Peter said: ” Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you “

6 If the right opportunity doesn’t come naturally, create one.

Sometimes we wait too long, looking for just the right time to invite someone to church or to share with them the message of the Gospel. There often comes a point when we must prayerfully introduce the subject and do our best to impress someone with their need for Christ.

7 Leave the results with God.

We’re responsible for sharing the gospel, but only God can convert the soul. Having done your best, let Him do the rest. And if you feel you’ve not done it good, yourself. Just pray to God.

Be Blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh 


Greatness In Kingdom

Greatness In Kingdom

Matthew 5:13

Matthew 5:17-24

Our place in the Kingdom of Heaven will be determined by our attitude toward Gods law and by how we influence others in relation to His law. If we truly love God, we will not feel and act as if his commands are burden on us (1 JN 5:3). Those who love God will love his laws and commands (Psalm 119:47). We must be careful that our example inspires others to live by Gods standards, and that we do not cause others to challenge or compromise Gods standards by acting Asia they do no matter in todays world. Our degree of faithfulness in this respect will determine our degree of honor in Heaven.

In verse 20 we can see that pharisees and teachers lived by the law and still were not right with God because their righteousness was external only. They kept many rules, prayed, praised, fasted, read Gods word and attended worship services, however they substituted the outward action for the correct for the correct inner attitudes and true devotion to god. We must have both, Jesus said that in order to truly be right with God, ones heart and spirit not just outward action must conform to Gods standards and purposes because we love and trust him (MK 7:6) in verse 22 ” race ” Jesus is not speaking of a justified anger at those who are wicked and cruel (JN 2:13-19) ratter, he is condemning the act of judging another out of anger and with the desire to harm or kill another person ” Race” is a term of hatred and much like calling a person ” empty headed fool ” calling a person a ” Godless fool ” in anger may indicate a heart attitude that places one in danger of the fire of hell.

Be blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh

Eagel Saints en The Storm of Life

Eagel Saints en The Storm of Life

Isaiah 40:27-31

There is a group of people who run and don’t get weary/tired while others get tired and worn but they are not wearied by storms, difficult situation and exhaustive service, when they walk and keep on walking, they don’t faint on the way but get to their destinations and fulfill their goals without exhaustion. Problems of life don’t dictate their pace or determine their progress. They actually walk upon the storm and operate above it, what is extremely difficult for others is their stepping stone to greatness and succes in life. Who are this people..? They are the eagle Saints.

The scriptures today described them as those who mount up with wings as eagles. They are those who wait upon the Lord in the time of storm instead of complaining and murmuring. They see solutions in a problem instead of calamity and see beyond the issues confronting them.

They don’t allow difficult barriers to tie them down they will rather go round it or over it or through it with tremendous force that cannot be stopped. They have great zeal that drives consumes them, a force that cannot be stopped and a Fire that cannot be quenched. Those people, like our savior Jesus Christ who walked upon the sea sea while the storm is raging, are the Saints who can readily overcome the storm of life. When the Israelites were complaining and saying that God was no longer interested in their plight and conditions of slavery, suffering, limitations and affection, God introduced himself as the Everlasting God, the Lord that created the ends of the earth who cannot faint., go weary of fait. he gives power to the faint and strength to the weak. He desired that they will wait on him to renew their strength  and mount up above their problem like eagles. When you are regulars and constantly connected to the the one that cannot Faint or go weary to draw strength and power, you will not be wearied by storms that weary others, this is the way to be an overcomer in all situations and circumstances. Be an Eagle Saint..!

Characteristics of an Eagle.

To be able to know how to be an eagle Saint and overcome the storms of life, we need to study the characteristics of an eagle.

1 Eagles have three levels of movement, eagle can walk run and fly.

2 Eagles have great vision, they can see very far distance and this enables them to see their prey from a great height when they prey has no knowledge of any upcoming attack. their eyes are designed for long distance. 

3 Eagles have unusual strength and are  fearless. The strength of an eagle is greater than that of any other bird of the same size.

4 Eagles fly at a very high attitude and travel at a very high speed.

5 Eagles feed on raw and fresh meat.

6 they nature and train their young ones

Be Blessed in Jesus name.

The Evangelist

Chris Okoh 

The Anointing Oil

The Anointing Oil

Exodus 30:22-30

We often talk about ” The Anointing ” we pray for the anointing of God on our lives, our ministries, our activities everything. We recognize that we need the power and presence of The Holy Spirit our own straights can sometimes be weaknesses because we so easily abandon our reliance of God. We must depend on God.

Zacheriah 4:6 It’s not by might, nor by power, but by The Holy Spirit says the Lord. We must minister in the power of God under his anointing of the Holy Spirit, what is the anointhing we talk about it all the time, we desire it, we pray for it, but what is it exactly..?

The must simple definition of the anointing is to be ” set apart ” When God anoints something he sets it apart for his use.

When we say Someone ” preached under a real anointing ” or that was an anointed song, it means it was set apart. God had his hand on the preacher or the song and was moving. The anointing is really nothing other than the presence of God in favor, in the Old Testament, the Tabernacle and all the furniture and utensils that were used for worship had to be anointed before they could be used. They didn’t anoint with just any oil they had special oil for this anointing. 

Be Blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh 

Aims And Objectives For LCSVM in 2019

Aims And Objectives For LCSVM in 2019

John 6:63

Children of God to acces your open doors you need to make plans, your aims and objectives so you know how to maintain the doors that has been opened to you, in 2019. As you make plans you prepare yourself, so as we the church today in agreement observe this one in 2019, I pray it will speed us up in Jesus name.

Let our aim be on how to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world and win souls for heaven let our vision be to bring Gods dream to what God wants us to be, we look at eternity past and see that Gods purpose for his people has only been good as the Bible says in (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Children of God, The purpose of God from the past to the present and future is aimed at finally bringing man to the place of ultimate glorification. That is, giving a resurrection body to all those that have been justified. Let our mission in 2019 be to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls and the and the expansion of Gods Kingdom and to reach them also with prophetic signs and miracles in demonstration of the spirit and of power in God Almighty.

To inspire and impart Christian brethren about the revelation and operation of faith in anointing power every time God calls man, he places an instrument in his hand. He called moss and put a rod in his hand, charging him to use it (Exodus4:3)

In 2019, we are to be, and remain a disciplined follower of christ, if there is no one to follow, then there will be no disciples (1 Peter 2:21). It talks about Jesus Christ giving us an example so that we can follow in his footsteps, so as to have the divine dynamism working power of God through faith clinic (Illustrate).

2019 we have to maintain close relationship  among believers of the body of christ for a joint program (i.e crusade, seminars). We are going to practice and know that christians faith demands that there should be a fellowship exchange of relief and assistance among believers, we must bear the infirmities of the weak, accommodate and encourage those that are failing (Galatians 6:2).

So today we are going to pray our way in to open doors in 2019, because our prayers  reveal who we are, if we are selfish, our prayers will be personal requests, every time we pray earnestly and constantly for fellow christians, relies leaders, national leaders and our nation (1Timothy2:1). As we stand up now, begin to ask God to fill your mouth with fire tonight to pray your was into 2019 in Jesus name.

Be Blessed 

The Evangelist

Chris Okoh

Preach Jesus To Me

Preach Jesus To me

1 Corinthians  2:1-2 

Col 1:15-29 

Jesus is The Lord of Creations and the Lord of The new creation The Holy Spirit was before creation he was the inspiration.

Remember, the Bible is supremely the book about the Lord Jesus Christ. The O.T records the preparation of His coming. The gospel present Him as God in Human flesh, come into the world to save sinners, of all the Bibles teaching about Jesus Christ, none more significant than ( Col 1:15-29). This powerful message removes any needles doubt or confusion over Jesus true identity. It is vital to proper understanding of christian faith. 

Among many things troubling and threatening the Colossian church centered on the Person of Christ, the unbelievers denying His humanity. They view christ as one of many lesser descending spirit beings that emanated from God, some think that Jesus is some kind of philosophical dualism. He is just Love, Trinity because Christ know that our body is evil, why then did he decide to choose human body to come, so it was absurd to unbelievers, so they also deny his power and authority above all his Love in Jesus name. 

Be Blessed in Jesus name 

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh 

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Quit The Race Of Faith

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Quit The Race Of Faith

Phillipians 3:12-16

You will not be remembered for the things you start but rather, for the things you finish. And the best part is, in the Christian race, you are not reward because you finished first, your are rewarded because you finished strong. So today I want to she share with you.

Why you shouldn’t give up when the gets tough

The truth is there is always a reason for quitting. But just like Akhwari demonstrated 1968 to finish the race even when he came out last, if you decide not to quite, it does not really matter what kind of obstacles you might come across. Here are four good reasons why you should never think of quitting. 

1 Tomorrow is a better day.

In the words of scripture, though weeping may endure for night, joy will come in the morning(Psalm30:5). However bad things may look today, just take comfort in the fact that tomorrow will be a better day. Things may not be working out today but they will tomorrow, Just trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and before you know it, things will suddenly start to make sense.

2 Hope is the raw material for faith

Faith can move mountains. And hope is the raw material for faith. That is why the devil will do anything in his power to make you hopeless. He understands full well that hope deferred will make a heart sick (proverbs13:12). So do not allow the devil to kill your hope. As long as you still alive, you can hold on to your hope and as Solomon put it, a living dog is better than a dead lion ( Ecclesiates 9:4). Just hold on to your faith no matter what and you will see that this kind of hope never disappoints. (Romans 4:4)

3 No Friction, no movement

Engineers understand just how friction causes strain, struggle and leads to wearing out of parts. But they also understand that without friction, there is no movement. This is why it is easier to walk in gravel than in mud. When faced with lots of hard times, it is heaven’s way of telling you to continue moving because the most conducive environment for movement is when there is friction. 


4 He will never leave you 

What makes storms easier to overcome is not how sturdy the boat is but the fact that Jesus is riding with us. What the disciples didn’t understand when Jesus was sleeping in their boat was there was no way a storm would kill them as long as christ was with them.  The next time you feel like the storms of life are too much, just remember this, Christ is in you (Colossians 1:27) and he has promised never to leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Even though John Stephen Akhwari did not receive the gold medal he was hoping to get, he was remembered because he was a finisher. You will not be remembered for the things you start but rather, for the things you finished first you are rewarded because you finished strong. 

Be blessed in Jesus name.

The Evangelist

Chris Okoh


Why Did Jesus Say That A Prophet Has No Honor In His Own Country…

 Why Did Jesus Say That A Prophet Has No Honor In His Own Country…

Mark 6:1-6

John 1:43-51

” They Knew Jesus when he was a Kid. They just said, Hi Jesus: but they didn’t know he was God” (Mark 6)

It’s hard to talk with people who have known you for a long time, especially about spiritual matters. They think they know you, in most cases, they are right, but not with Jesus.

When Jesus taught in his hometown Synagogue at Nazareth, those in attendance Said ” where did this man get these things (Mark6:2). the Bible says they were both astonished and offended. They saw Jesus heal people, but they could not get past the fact that they knew his mother, brothers and sisters. After all, Jesus was only a carpenter. He didn’t have the proper academic or religion credentials.

Children of God, be careful about hat or detest or not like despising the ordinary, remember how God spoke to Moses for the first time? He used a burning bush. In Gods hands, something ordinary can become extraordinary. In Pharaoh’s Court, the Common staff Mozes carried miraculously become a snake (1Sam16:7). The Lord chose a shepherd boy attending his fathers sheep, furthermore David was the least likely choice in a society that favored eldest Sons. He was the youngest son God seems to delight in taking the least likely route. Jesus did not come into this world with great beautiful fanfare as most would expect of the messiah. The place where he lived, Nazareth, was small and unimportant. The profession he chose, carpentry, didn’t impress.

” Isaiah 53, shows that Jesus had been expecting this all along says Nathaniel in verse 9 and verse 3.”

The Old Testament is Full of prophecies about the messiah, The Hebrew prophets foretold where Jesus woud de born (Bethlehem), the lineage of his birth (Davids offspring) and the sufferings he would endure for our sins (Isaiah 53:6). How Ironic that the one foretold by the prophet would have no honor among his own people. The people kept waiting for a prophet to come, but there he was right in front of them.

At our own peril ” danger or risk confused ” we ignore people and things that are right in front of us. Are you someone who thinks that you would have been right there following Jesus if you had seen the miracles he performed and heard the message he preached..? It’s easy to imagine what you would have done if you had lived in Jesus time. Although Jesus is not Physically present on earth today, we do have a reliable record of his ministry. We have acces to the Bible, bible commentaries and inspirational books in abundance. Think about this Christians can horror Christ today by witnessing to the power of Gods saving grace and teaching others how to allow christ to live through them.

Memorize this truth, ” For Jesus Himself testified that a prophet has no honor in his own country (John 4:44) “

Ask yourself this question today: How can you honor Jesus Christ today..? Is to honor his servants today that he has sent out today to this evil world in Jesus name.

Be blessed

The Evangelist 

Christ Okoh


LCSVM December Program

   Living Christ Spirit and Voice Ministry 

                  December Program 

                Dear Children of God

The LCSVM Family personally invites you to come and celebrate the end of 2018 with us. 

From the 16th of December – 1st of January 2019 we have special Services  that will be Hosted by The Evangelist Chris Okoh 

Come along and lets celebrate our Mighty Jesus and thank Him for everything that he has done for us in 2018 and will be doing for us in 2019 

Look at our December program below. PLEASE SHARE OUR PROGRAM and don’t forget to bring all of your friends and family.

Be Blessed in Jesus name.


Het Breed 2







PSALM 92:1

Dear Children of God,



Come and celebrate this wonderful Sunday service with us in Jesus name.

Invite all your Family and Friends

Share this wonderful message and let’s celebrate together everything that our Mighty Lord Jesus has done for us.

Be Blessed in Jesus name.