Gods Words In My Mouth

Gods Words In My Mouth

Jeremiah 1:4-19

Children of God, Jeremiah was called (appointed, directed, empowered, made aware of his purpose) by God to be a prophet a spokes person to communicate Gods future plans and purpose for his people. Jeremiah message were to he southern kingdom of Judah, He ministered during the last 40 years of Judah’s history, including the time right before and after Jerusalems destruction and the sending of Gods people into capacity in Babylon. During that time the nation was rebelling against God and relying on political alliances with other nations for security and protection from its enemies, Jeremiah urged the people to repent, and renew their devotion to God. Before Jeremiah was born, God had already determined that he would be a prophet, just as God had a plan for Jeremiah’s life, he also has a specific plan for every person’s life.

His goal is for human kind to live according to those plans allowing him to fulfill his purposes in and through us. But jus as it was with Jeremiah’s, living by Gods plan may involve difficulty and suffering. But no matter what we encounter as we follow God, He always worries worries for our greatest good (Rom 8:28). Jeremiah was called as a youth to deliver a difficult message for God, at first Jeremiah experienced great anxiety and fear at the overwhelming thought and responsibility of delivering God’s word to the leaders of Judah, so God responded to Jeremiah’s concern by promising to be with him and to empower him no matter what task God gives you in life, He promises to be with you always and help you accomplish it if you remain strong in your faith and devotion to Him. We should remember that we are never too young or too old for God to begin using us in a meaningful and powerful way in Jesus name.

The Lord assures Jeremiah that his prophetic message would be God inspired. The message would come directly from the Lord and what the prophet said would be exactly what God intended (Rom 10:8) Jeremiah never compromised because he was convinced he never backed down or tried to change the meaning of Gods word to the people. Jeremiah’s message contained elements both warning about judgment and hope for restoration.

Though Jeremiah was a sensitive and humble young man, God gave him an supernatural boldness, enabling him to become perhaps the strongest and barest of all the prophets He certainly endured more rejection than any other prophet. He never really experienced a positive response to his message. This shows that God can use us in ways fay beyond our own natural tendencies and abilities.

God told Jeremiah that Judah’s Kings, officials, priests and even the people would stand against him. opposing the message God had called him to proclaim. But the prophet was encouraged to speak out boldly and to stand firm in his convictions, God promised to be with him and assured him that his enemies would not overcome him. God always stands with his faithful servants who speak the truth to those who forsake God and his word and follow the ways of this world. God knows us before we are formed and when he calls  you, be takes away you fear, and empower you in Jesus name.

Be Blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh 

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