Prison Volunteer Work By LCSVM

Dear Children of God

Today I just want to take the time to write about our volunteer work at the Zaanstad Judicial Complex. On Sunday March 24 Me (Symone) and Sister C.C volunteered on behalf of The LCSVM Church at two Church services at A Judicial Complex.

As we went to This Judicial Complex we didn’t know what to expect, for me it was my first time attending a Church service in a Prison. As we entered the prison you could slightly feel the atmosphere changing, the prison guards were very strict, as if you were not welcome, but we needed to keep calm. That time we entered the prison is like the Devil already knew we came with fire, because for a minute everything was going wrong, we had already check in but al of a sudden we needed to check out again to put our bags and coats in a different area, then the doors won’t open for us and we even got stuck in between doors, but after a few minutes we finally arrived at the area where the church service was to be held.

But something got to my mind as we, the choir and musicians were walking through the prison hallways: ” If I was a prisoner there was no turning back for me the prison walls were so thick, and not even an open window, nothing.!” I almost started to feel claustrophobic. I started praying to my Jesus for strength and that he will guid us during those services. As The pastor guided us to the room we started to arrange the room for the church services. The Pastor and other volunteers explained to us what we needed to do and how we should approach the prisoners, because the two church services were for prisoners with a psychological background.

Everything was al set and done as we waited for the prisoners. As The prisoners and there guards arrived, we welcomed them and gave them a song book. Of the two services the first services was a real reality check for me, so many young men and women with psychological problems, some of them really look good and it got me thinking if some of the men and women really needed to be there.

Dear children of God that day I saw many lost souls that needed to be saved, many souls who need healing and deliverance. It literally broke my heart.! During both services I could feel the presence of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit started bringing prayer points to my mind, I start praying them in silence. I immediately started breaking and binding every bad spirit, evil eye that was monitoring us and every demonic power who wanted to disturb the services in that room and started to call the blood of Jesus on every soul in that room.

Dear children of God I’m very privilege and proud to be a member of The LCSVM Church, because we have a special grace and power upon us. Our ministry is based upon Holy Ghost fire, when you’re blessed with  Holy Ghost fire and when you have the Holy Anointing upon you, you will fear no evil. You will feel the power of your Mighty Jesus running through your veins, that moment you step into a room full of negative and bad Spirits, they will fear and see the fire in you, because of the grace and fire thats upon our ministry.!

I know by FAITH and by Gods GRACE that because our presence (me and Sister C ) our Lord Jesus, our Savior started healing and delivering those lost souls, and that special touch by The Evangelist of All Nations Chris Okoh was also done in spirit because I could feel His presence in spirit. 

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Be blessed In Jesus name



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