Say Yes To Jesus

Say Yes To Jesus

Luke 16:19-31

Isaiah 3:10

Children of God. Jesus never threatened people but he warned people, we threaten enemy, warn a friend like Jesus. Why did the rich man go to Hell when he died, He was rich, is that if..? the Bible did not say that wealth, is not good, except when you are rich and it controls you and u don’t give to God, he was nicely clothed and he ate wel, as we saw in the scripture of today. What was this man Sin then that made him go to Hell..?

Lazarus on the other side, was poor, laying at the gate of the rich man, no food, he had disease, he had no help, so the dogs became his nurse. 

The rich man ignored him, one day he died just like the man too, the rich man woke up in Hell and Lazarus, in Abrahams Bossom, the angels came and carried him to Heaven (Gen13:2). Now when the rich man was in Hell he saw the poor man that was begging at his gate on earth in Heaven, the poor man he has neglected at his gate, now he was totally heated in Abrahams Bossom. He told Abraham to send Lazarus to bring him water, still a rich man even in Hell he still was obsessed with power, but Abraham said it is not possible, became there is a big gap from Heaven to Hell, but from earth to Heaven is possible, again made another request. 

Can you send someone to my other five brother that are alive, Abraham said no, because on earth, they have Evangelist, prophets. Now the question is what was the Sin of this man..? ( Verse 29-30). In death he said no to Abraham, and when he was alive he said no to Jesus who is the Savior that would have forgiven him and forgive his sins and make him Heaven candidate, sins are bad, children of God but can be forgiven (1 John 1:8-10). Some people believe in their church, some in pastors, some in their money, some in their beauty, children of God, church or pastor, beauty etc, can not save you only Jesus can do that. Do you know that church did not die for you or your Pastor or your money and position but Jesus did.

The Evangelist or the pope or the prophets did not die for you. When Jesus is rejected no body can save you, Jesus is the Savior because He died for our Sins and for us, it was Jesus, so lets say yes to Jesus, for he is our passport to Heaven. Why is this rich man praying to Abraham now, there is no salvation in hell. So we that are alive today have the opportunity here now on this earth. The lord is sending me to tell you about this name that can save us in-fact the only name that save mankind, Jesus 3x, lets say yes to Jesus plan of salvation for us, say yes to Jesus. Our Yes to Jesus to Jesus must be the same time saying no to Sins, that will bring us to Hell. The way to Heaven is narrow, sins way is wide and Big You can still change your Identity today, make a difference today if you say yes to Jesus you will go to Heaven, but if you say no, you will join the rich man, whosoever calls the name of Jesus will be saved in Jesus name. As you are standing up today begin to say yes to the name of Jesus and make Heaven, for Hell and Heaven have no connection but from this earth we can make Heaven. 

Be Blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh 


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