Greatness In Kingdom

Greatness In Kingdom

Matthew 5:13

Matthew 5:17-24

Our place in the Kingdom of Heaven will be determined by our attitude toward Gods law and by how we influence others in relation to His law. If we truly love God, we will not feel and act as if his commands are burden on us (1 JN 5:3). Those who love God will love his laws and commands (Psalm 119:47). We must be careful that our example inspires others to live by Gods standards, and that we do not cause others to challenge or compromise Gods standards by acting Asia they do no matter in todays world. Our degree of faithfulness in this respect will determine our degree of honor in Heaven.

In verse 20 we can see that pharisees and teachers lived by the law and still were not right with God because their righteousness was external only. They kept many rules, prayed, praised, fasted, read Gods word and attended worship services, however they substituted the outward action for the correct for the correct inner attitudes and true devotion to god. We must have both, Jesus said that in order to truly be right with God, ones heart and spirit not just outward action must conform to Gods standards and purposes because we love and trust him (MK 7:6) in verse 22 ” race ” Jesus is not speaking of a justified anger at those who are wicked and cruel (JN 2:13-19) ratter, he is condemning the act of judging another out of anger and with the desire to harm or kill another person ” Race” is a term of hatred and much like calling a person ” empty headed fool ” calling a person a ” Godless fool ” in anger may indicate a heart attitude that places one in danger of the fire of hell.

Be blessed in Jesus name

The Evangelist 

Chris Okoh

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