Eagel Saints en The Storm of Life

Eagel Saints en The Storm of Life

Isaiah 40:27-31

There is a group of people who run and don’t get weary/tired while others get tired and worn but they are not wearied by storms, difficult situation and exhaustive service, when they walk and keep on walking, they don’t faint on the way but get to their destinations and fulfill their goals without exhaustion. Problems of life don’t dictate their pace or determine their progress. They actually walk upon the storm and operate above it, what is extremely difficult for others is their stepping stone to greatness and succes in life. Who are this people..? They are the eagle Saints.

The scriptures today described them as those who mount up with wings as eagles. They are those who wait upon the Lord in the time of storm instead of complaining and murmuring. They see solutions in a problem instead of calamity and see beyond the issues confronting them.

They don’t allow difficult barriers to tie them down they will rather go round it or over it or through it with tremendous force that cannot be stopped. They have great zeal that drives consumes them, a force that cannot be stopped and a Fire that cannot be quenched. Those people, like our savior Jesus Christ who walked upon the sea sea while the storm is raging, are the Saints who can readily overcome the storm of life. When the Israelites were complaining and saying that God was no longer interested in their plight and conditions of slavery, suffering, limitations and affection, God introduced himself as the Everlasting God, the Lord that created the ends of the earth who cannot faint., go weary of fait. he gives power to the faint and strength to the weak. He desired that they will wait on him to renew their strength  and mount up above their problem like eagles. When you are regulars and constantly connected to the the one that cannot Faint or go weary to draw strength and power, you will not be wearied by storms that weary others, this is the way to be an overcomer in all situations and circumstances. Be an Eagle Saint..!

Characteristics of an Eagle.

To be able to know how to be an eagle Saint and overcome the storms of life, we need to study the characteristics of an eagle.

1 Eagles have three levels of movement, eagle can walk run and fly.

2 Eagles have great vision, they can see very far distance and this enables them to see their prey from a great height when they prey has no knowledge of any upcoming attack. their eyes are designed for long distance. 

3 Eagles have unusual strength and are  fearless. The strength of an eagle is greater than that of any other bird of the same size.

4 Eagles fly at a very high attitude and travel at a very high speed.

5 Eagles feed on raw and fresh meat.

6 they nature and train their young ones

Be Blessed in Jesus name.

The Evangelist

Chris Okoh 

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