Hello Happy People,

I welcome you to a new LCSVM blog. Today we are going to talk about our Summer BBQ on the 28th of July. The LCSVM Summer BBQ is a jaarly event that we will organize for our church members, their family, friends and also for people of the neighborhood.

This day was filled with lots of Heavenly Joy, Laughter & Peace, we had a wonderful time together. We enjoyed the wonderful food and drinks.


As one big happy family we prepared everything for this beautiful day, even building a tent together.


Can you imagine that building a tent together can bring you closer as a family. As we start building one of our tents heavenly laughter an joy fell up on us and all of a sudden we build our tent in a couple of minutes.


The children were having a blast, playing around.


The food was great


We had diffrent kinds of meat, salad, bami, mocks alesi (Suriname rice ), bread and Minister Milene her special hot mayonaise saus that was so sweet.

Our elders also enjoyed this beautiful day as they were sitting with each other, looking at the next generation who will take over.


Summer BBQ Day 



I wanna Thank God and everybody who made this wonderful day possible. And of cours I will see you, your family and friends on our next summer BBQ.

And remember a Family That Prays and Have Fun Together, Stays Together.!

Be Blessed and have a Wonderful work week in Jesus name. 


Watch the LCSVM Summer BBQ video and more on our Youtube Channel 

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