Healing Through The Holy Spirit

Gods Angels,

It’s been a while that the Living Christ Spirit and Voice Ministry launched their new website.  We are glad to share our prayers, experience, word of God and a lot more with you. But before I start to write our first blog I will introduce my self, my name is Symone a member of the LCSVM church I will be writing about my experiences in the church and  most of all I will write about how The LCSVM church change my life through prayers. So with any further ado I will start my blog of today named: 

” Healing Through The Holy Spirit “

On Tuesday 22 May we had a Wonderfull experience as the man of God The Evangelist Chris Okoh started his preaching The Holy Spirit already began to work and told one of the elders in our church who has been in a lot of pain lately, that today will be the day that he will get his healing in Jesus name. So we continued our service and prayers as we do every Tuesday. After our prayers The Evangelist Chris Okoh and Minister Tyshawn Okoh immediately began with the Spiritual surgery with the power of the Holy Ghost. Experience this spiritual surgery by watching this video.

As The Man of God was doing this spiritual surgery he told us what was going on and what was coming out of the leg, a lot of old blood and pus and he said to us ” if only our eyes could see whats on the altar “. As I was filming this surgery all of a sudden I saw some water coming out of the leg of our elder, I was in shock I have never experience something like this. I get to understand now how God does his work. You can experience this too through strong prayers and believing.

Because: ”  The Lord is our Light and Salvation… Whom shall we Fear..? The Lord is the Stronghold of my Life… Of whom shall we be afraid..? “


I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them, I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have anything to add just let me know.Be Blessed in Jesus Name. 



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