Aims And Objectives For LCSVM in 2019

Aims And Objectives For LCSVM in 2019

John 6:63

Children of God to acces your open doors you need to make plans, your aims and objectives so you know how to maintain the doors that has been opened to you, in 2019. As you make plans you prepare yourself, so as we the church today in agreement observe this one in 2019, I pray it will speed us up in Jesus name.

Let our aim be on how to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the whole world and win souls for heaven let our vision be to bring Gods dream to what God wants us to be, we look at eternity past and see that Gods purpose for his people has only been good as the Bible says in (Jeremiah 29:11). 

Children of God, The purpose of God from the past to the present and future is aimed at finally bringing man to the place of ultimate glorification. That is, giving a resurrection body to all those that have been justified. Let our mission in 2019 be to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls and the and the expansion of Gods Kingdom and to reach them also with prophetic signs and miracles in demonstration of the spirit and of power in God Almighty.

To inspire and impart Christian brethren about the revelation and operation of faith in anointing power every time God calls man, he places an instrument in his hand. He called moss and put a rod in his hand, charging him to use it (Exodus4:3)

In 2019, we are to be, and remain a disciplined follower of christ, if there is no one to follow, then there will be no disciples (1 Peter 2:21). It talks about Jesus Christ giving us an example so that we can follow in his footsteps, so as to have the divine dynamism working power of God through faith clinic (Illustrate).

2019 we have to maintain close relationship  among believers of the body of christ for a joint program (i.e crusade, seminars). We are going to practice and know that christians faith demands that there should be a fellowship exchange of relief and assistance among believers, we must bear the infirmities of the weak, accommodate and encourage those that are failing (Galatians 6:2).

So today we are going to pray our way in to open doors in 2019, because our prayers  reveal who we are, if we are selfish, our prayers will be personal requests, every time we pray earnestly and constantly for fellow christians, relies leaders, national leaders and our nation (1Timothy2:1). As we stand up now, begin to ask God to fill your mouth with fire tonight to pray your was into 2019 in Jesus name.

Be Blessed 

The Evangelist

Chris Okoh

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